bánh mì Vietnamesisches Baguette

bánh xèo Reismehl-Omelette mit Kurkuma

Phở Suppe Reisbandnudel-Suppe verfeinert mit frischen Kräutern & Sojasprossen

Rice Bowl Reisgericht mit einem Spiegelei, frischem Gemüse & Kräutern

Salate Würziger Weißkohl-Kohlrabi-Karotten Salat mit Kurkuma verfeinert

Desserts Homemade

Gesunde Durstlöscher Homemade

Cô Cô bánh mì deli

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  • „The Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich has taken New York by storm, elevating the humble pork and pickled vegetable sandwich to heights of gastronomic chic.“

    New York Times
  • „If you haven’t tried a classic bánh mì, imagine all the cool, salty, crunchy, moist and hot contrasts of a really great bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Then add a funky undertone of pork liver and fermented anchovy, a gust of fresh coriander and screaming top notes of spice, sweetness and tang.“

    New York Times
  • „It’s fair to say, in fact, that the bánh mì is the new panino and the toast oven the new panini press.“

    New York Magazine
  • „Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches are crackly-crunchy, sweet, spicy, sour, salty and luscious at the same time. Bánh mì is the great fusion of French baguette and Vietnamese tastes.“

    Boston Globe

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